COVID- 19 Emergency Support

Nepal could not remain untainted by Covid 19 which widespread all over the world. All sectors of trade and business have come to a standstill since the Government of Nepal imposed a nationwide lockdown on April 26, 2010. The impact of the pandemic hit most of the working class working in the informal sector on a daily basis. During this pandemic, women working in the entertainment sector suffered economic, social, psychosocial and physical violence. In such situation, organization has been raising a united voice for the rights of workers in the entertainment sector, had been providing necessary assistance to the workers through a phone survey to identify the situation. Total number of 1119 workers working in entertainment sector was outreached through phone follow up.

After screening 1119 workers through phone follow up 394 workers were provided emergency food Supply from WOFOWON. 3 workers were provided medical assistance and 6 pregnant and 8 post pregnancy cases from entertainment were provided Maternity assistance kit.