Emergency Shelter Service (Muskan Kendra)

Due to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal on April 29, 2072 BS, an atmosphere of fear was created in the general public. Due to this, smile campaigns were conducted in different places keeping in view the situation where women and children have to face various risks. In order to continue the same work, Women forum for women in Nepal has been establishing emergency security shelter service since the 17th of Poush, 2072 BS.

The Emergency Safety Shelter (Muskan Kendra) provides safe housing to working women and adolescents who are unable to return to their homes due to various problems and are subjected to various forms of violence, and creates an environment for them to become self-aware of their problems by participating in various capacity building programs.

In addition, the organization has released 2 blocks, Block A and Block B, inside the Muskan Kendra. In Block A, women at risk receive services, while in Block B, adolescents receives services. Currently 5 adolescents are receiving holistic services in Block A.

Looking at the situation of women and adolescents receiving emergency shelter services, this year 5 women have received services in Block A and 13 adolescents have received services in Block B. Adolescents have received more services this year than women. Analyzing age groups 9 were of age between 0- 9, 11 aged between 10-19, 3 aged between 20-29 and 3 were above 30 years old. 16 right holders took regular psychosocial counseling and 9 right holders took health services. Various other activities were also conducted like, Orientation program, group counseling, skill and capacity building training on numerous topics. As, a result right holders has improved their dance skills and participate in Organizational program to perform dance in mass.

While providing services under the Muskan Kendra, WOFOWON provided services for 3 months in case of emergency. Therefore, this year 13 right-holders were referred to other organization and 1 was rehabilitated to own family.