Psychological counseling and activities

Psychosocial support has been provided to 90 working women and adolescents working in this field. Psychological counseling services have been provided to 90 people. Similarly, group psychotherapy has been provided to 63 people.

This year’s (June 2020-July 2021) psychosocial assistance was provided to 39 workers has been exacerbated by economic hardship due to the closure of work due to corona virus Covid 19, 26 due to various forms of abusive violence, 13 due to lack of support system and family quarrel, 12 due to fear of corona virus. With the closure of the work area for a long time, there are problems in daily life and psychosocial problems are also increasing.

The organization has been providing individual and group psychosocial counseling services to the workers working in the field of entertainment. At the same time, it has conducted various awareness programs on psychosocial issues with the participation of the workers working in this field.

Recognized workers with psychosocial problem age group was of 2 between 0-9 years, 17 between 10-19, 47 between 20-29 and 24 between 30-49 years old.