Drop in Center

  1. Drop in Center

Women’s Forum for Women Nepal is operating a Drop-in Center in Gongabu, the place where the office is located, keeping in mind the needs of working women and adolescents and those working in the field of entertainment. This Drop-in Center has been dealing with various incidents related to violence against women, health problems of women and adolescents and various psycho-counseling activities they need. The activities at the Drop-in Center have been presented in a concise manner.


  • Labour Exploitation cases:

Not only the incidents of violence against women but also the incidents of labor exploitation are on the rise. Looking at the period of one year, the number of owner not providing minimum wage to workers are increasing.

As the state still does not consider this sector as employment, due to the uncertainty of the Labor Act, the workers working in this sector are forced to face various problems. There have been cases of non-payment of wages.

WOFOWON with the initiative of the Labor Office, Police Office and local bodies are working for the wage act implementation, but the workers have not been able to get justice in time yet.