Network expansion, and consolidation

The organization has formed various groups of singers, dancers, waiters and men working in the field of entertainment. There are 8 groups and are 80 members in this group.

In the Fiscal Year 2076/77 (June 2019-July 2020), District Focal Persons have been selected in 3 districts (Pokhara, Itahari, Butwal) with the objective of linking the issue of entertainment sector with the issue of entertainment sector in Kathmandu. The focal person will play the role of social worker in the district and will act as the representative of the organization to connect the issues of the center and the district.

Women’s Forum Nepal for Women is moving forward in coordination and cooperation with various governmental, non-governmental and local bodies. While co-ordinating and co-operating with governmental and non-governmental bodies at the national level, it is expanding its network by co-operating with various bodies to take the issue of entertainment sector to the international level.