Feminist perspective Research and Survey

In the context of women’s mobility and employment rights, WOFOWON conducted feminist participatory research on the life journey of working women working in this area, especially in Khajaghar, cabin restaurants, dohori sanjh, dancebar and massage parlors, from 2018 to 2019.

From this research, analysis of the migration of working women working in the entertainment sector and the situation of labor rights was collected, it is also one of the medium of advocacy tool in coming days. A collection of 4 Case studies and 53 questionnaire forms related to the right to relocation of working women working in cabins, massage parlors and canteens have been collected and analyzed by directly participating in the work area. A documentary was prepared with the participation of working women in this field for the purpose of lobbying on the basis of facts and analysis of the research.

Problems / Challenges

  • The environment for women workers unification is not established.
  • The dominance of patriarchal social structure.
  • Non-compliance with current policy and rules.
  • Workers are not aware about their own issues.
  • There is no evaluation of the work of the workers in entertainment sector. There is no guarantee of job recognition, recognition and safety of the workers.


  • Coordinating with local bodies and people’s representatives and ward municipalities will make it easier to achieve the objectives and goals of the organization as well as to establish the issues raised by the organization in a sustainable manner.
  • In coordination with the Ministry of Labor and the Judicial Committee, increase the participation of working women and create an environment of access for social justice.
  • Increasing the participation of working women with various programs and related bodies, recognizing the excess labor and feeling the responsibility to implement the law.
  • The issue has started to be established by expanding the organization of working women.
  • The level of understanding of the issues in this area is increasing in the concerned bodies.
  • The issues of this sector has been identified at national and international level.
  • Despite the embarrassment caused by the social structure, they have started advocating for the identity of their labor.
  •  Various rights and human rights activists have started raising and advocating for this area.
  • Working women have become aware of their rights and have started to discuss and organize
  • The current Labor Act 2074 Social Security Act 2073 is being aware to workers
  • A network of 2 workers has been formed and 6 groups of working women have been formed.
  • A rights activist mechanism has been set up for sustainable institutional development.
  • The relationship with working women has expanded from the center to the districts
  • Initiative of Social Security Act is being taken to ensure the labor rights of the workers working in this sector.
  • Member of Central Committee of Trade Union Nepal Independent Hotel and Casino Workers Union.
  • The media has also become somewhat sensitive towards this issue.