Our Programs

 Awareness raising programs

Conduction of awareness raising programs for women working in this sector and also capacity build -up of youths for ensuring their rights.

  • Orientations
  • Outreach program
  • Documentary show
  • IEC Fair

Capacity building program

Conduction of subjective and commercialized training to build up capacity of working women's for their skill and capacity build up and also provided with necessary support and services.

  • Capacity building and skilled training
  • Legal and documentation training
  • Dance training
  • Music training
  • English language training
  • Organizational sustainable development training

Organizational development related programs

Liaise with various national and international organizations for organizational sustainable development.

Dropping Center Program

Initiation for necessary counseling assistance for VAW affected women as well as youths, children and women working in entertainment sector.

  • Legal Support
  • Counseling Support
  • Reintegration service
  • Health Counseling and support
  • Emergency safe security and referral
  • Complaint discussion

Advocacy programs and days celebration

Conduction of Pressurize and advocacy related programs to reduce violence and suppression occurred in work place.

  • Workshops, interactions, press meet and submission of attention letter,to ensure women human rights working in entertainment sector.
  • Discussion with related stakeholders
  • Campaigns
  • Conduction of pressurize campaigns through cultural programs.

Research and case documentation

Conduction of research related to status of migration and labor as well as create environment for access to justice for VAW affected through case documentation.

  • Documentation of VAW cases occurred to working women of informal and entertainment sector
  • Baseline survey of work place
  • Publication of research report
  • Situational research on status of women, child and adolescents working in entertainment sector

Coordination and collaboration

Liaise with various national and international organizations for organizational sustainable development.

  • Regular meeting with related stakeholders
  • Develop relationship with national and international organizations
  • Coordination meeting with business associations and managers.
  • Involve with various networks and coordination meetings.
  • Liaise with media and build relationship.