About Us


Women's Forum for Women in Nepal (WOFOWON) is the first Non-Government Organization established by women working in the informal and entertainment sector to ensure rights of women working in the same sectors. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been working actively in ensuring human rights and labour rights of women working in this sector. 


The women working in informal and entertainment sectors like dance bar, dohori, massage parlour, open and cabin restaurant are being discriminated and their labour has neither been acknowledged nor valued by society, family and government either. Women in this sector face labor exploitation meanwhile they are also not far away from various kinds of suppression, physical, mental, economic and sexual harassments too. Due to insecurity, there ascend the situation of internal and external trafficking of girl child, adolescents and women.

WOFOWON is the first organization established to We work collectively against the discrimination and injustice to working women thereby ensuring labor rights. It is moreover not only an organization and structure, but also strength and power of women worker.


To ensure human rights of women working in informal and entertainment sector (dance bar, restaurant, massage parlor, cabin and open restaurant, dohori sanjh) for creating just society.


Facilitate to unite and empower working women in entertainment sector and advocate for ensuring labour right, recognition of work and establishing dignified identity thereby ending violence against women.


  • Expansion of working women's union and strengthen them.
  • Create environment to advocate and ensure human rights and all forms of VAW and labor exploitation.
  • To facilitate for leadership development and capacity build up
  • Conduct awareness raising programs to ensure human rights, women health rights and labor rights.
  • Advocate to ensure labor rights and social security of women working in informal and entertainment sector
  • Support the women, adolescents and children affected from internal trafficking and those who had been working in informal sector despite risky situations.
  • Conduct skill trainings in collaboration with related stakeholders for capacity build- up of working women.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other networks and organizations working for women’s right having same objectives at various local, national, regional as well as international level.


For ensuring rights of working women in informal and entertainment sector, WOFOWON will adopt women leadership, gender equity, inclusion, volunteerism, group work, transparency, respect towards work, privacy and right based approach.

Working Area

Informal and entertainment Sector

(Dance bar, Dohori Sanjh, Gajal, Massage cabin restaurant, Small hotels)

Problems and challenges

  • There lacks dignity and proper identity of working women in this sector.
  • Ill-behaved and had negative opinion in the society towards women working in this sector. 
  • Employment insecurity as there is no provision of contract letter.
  • There is no provision of security of workers especially at night.
  • There is no provision of hour basis work, minimal wage and labor exploitation too.
  • Lack of social security
  • Various type of mental, physical, sexual and economic violence and exploitation in workplace by owners, visitors and counterparts
  • The police administration arrest women without any reason and consider them as guilt and carried on further investigation.
  • Negative exposition of the working women in this sector by various media. 
  • Due to negative perception of society in regards to this sector, most concealed about their work.
  • Lack of legal provision for ensuring labor rights thus need of new policy.