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Programs of WOFOWON

1.Unification and empowerment of women workers through awareness raising

  •  Formation of group
  •  Affiliation in Trade Union
  • Increasing membership

 2. Unification and empowerment of women workers through awareness 

  • Increasing membership 
  • Formation of group
  • Affiliation in Trade Union

3. Drop-in centre (Chahari Program) – as a learning , sharing and supportive platform

  • Outreach, Information Dissemination
  • Secure and free environment for relaxation
    and open discussion
  • Documentation of cases of violence
  • Legal counseling and support
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Health counseling and Services
  • Emergency Safe shelter support
  • Referral to safe houses

3. Capacity building programs and skill development trainings

  • Right based orientations 
  • Capacity building trainings at local, regional and national level
  • Skills development trainings

4. Feminist Participatory Action Research

5. Coordination  and collaboration

7. Mass awareness raising campaigns

8. Lobby/Advocacy and pressurization programs

  • Interactions, protest, rally, submission of attention letters Mass awareness raising campaigns